...bailey's story...

Our story is a story about a MIRACLE. It is not the kind of miracle that is so often shared in Christian circles. We have heard stories about untreatable cancer that disappeared and of a child that was never supposed to walk or talk and is now a healthy adult. These are often the kinds of stories people share with you when you are experiencing difficult circumstances. Stories about the TRAGEDY that was avoided or the near miss that is now in the rear view mirror of life. We value these types of stories and we CELEBRATE them!

Ours was not that kind of story. Our daughter Bailey Hope was born on February 20, 2009. She died on August 13, 2010. The eighteen months in between were horrible and heart wrenching as we experienced our worst fears coming true. We were not rescued FROM heartache and tragedy.

Our miracle was that we were joined IN this journey by friends and family that gave of themselves and by our GOD who held us in unexplainable ways. This is our story. We do not share it to garner pity. There are others who have similar stories. There are so many others who have more tragic stories.

We share our story because it is impossible to talk about our beautiful daughter, without talking about our beautiful God. We must talk about our daughter. We must talk about our God. It is the MIRACLE behind the MIRACLE.

Monday, 29 March 2010

How are you? ........ How is Bailey?

Two simple questions but the answer is anything but simple. Against all the odds we are still able to hold our precious Bailey. While we cherish every moment we have with her, it is indescribeably painful to have watched her suffer for the last year. Matt and I long for the day when Bailey will be free from all pain, but we also grieve knowing that the day she is free, the day she dances with Jesus (what her big sister McKenzie says) ...is the day that we will no longer see her face, hold her, bathe her, watch McKenzie, Carter, and Lexi love on her and kiss her.

So you ask.....how are you? I am breathing. I love what my husband wrote the day after we found out about Bailey's diagnosis, "God is good, not in a cliche way but in a way that allows you to take the next breath."

How is Bailey? she is struggling to breathe. We are still signed on with Hospice and continue to use several different pain medications as well as oxygen to keep her as comfortable as possible.

We continue to be amazed at the out-pouring of love we have recieved from so many people, and in so many ways. Thank - you is truly inadequate.

Friday, 19 March 2010

another wave...

i wish i could put words to what matt, heather and their
family are experiencing at this time. i wouldn't even be able
to begin...this moment sits in an entire universe that moves
so differently than most of ours.
the lines of grief run strikingly famliar each day,
each day holds something entirely different for bailey.
that is why many of these updates are simple...
meant to express matt & heather's love and gratitude
for each of you, and to keep you up-to-date
on their current needs.
thank you for your prayers and support for
this precious family.
you have been a continuous blessing-
bringing meals, cards, gifts, and interceding
through prayer...
thank you for listening to what God has been laying on your heart.

please know that there is no pressure

for you to do anything...we know God will

provide and He will use each of us

at different times and in different ways in this journey.

{also, matt and heather would ask for nothing if they could...

these requests/ideas are coming from friends}

if you are able to help,

here are some needs for their family right now.

1. gas cards - heather's sisters and mom have been traveling-and will continue to travel back and forth from lake city to coopersville each week. each trip costs about $20.00. our thought is to send matt and heather gas cards in the amount of $20...that way, each time a sister, or mom comes to help out, they are able to send them home with a gas card to cover their trip.

2. meals - danae continues to sign people up for meals. each meal is extremely helpful and greatly appreciated. if you are looking to prepare a gluten-free meal for their family...check out the blog...i have included some links that have easy recipes to follow!

simple gluten-free pasta


baked pesto chicken

gluten-free pasta broccoli alfredo

**if you are interested in sending a gift card to a restaurant...

here is a gluten-free restaurant guide - gluten-free guide to eating out

3. gluten-free meals - we would like to get heather more of the prepared gluten-free meals. if you have interest in helping out on this front, please contact me...jaren

thank you again for being His hands and feet.

Monday, 15 March 2010


Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers. Bailey is breathing better, but continues to be in constant pain when not heavily medicated. While we do not know what the future holds for her, we continue to wait and trust in our Father's perfect timing.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

thank you for your prayers...

i know many of you are checking for updates to see how everyone is holding up.
matt and heather feel your love, support and your many, many prayers that you offer
on their behalf...they are so grateful for each of you.  
each meal that has been brought, card/email sent, phone call made, post on their blog...
has also meant so much to them.

there really isn't a new update at this time...just a note from matt and heather to thank each of you who take moments out of your day, and allow time to stop, while you lift them up.

please feel free to call and leave a message on their home phone.  you will probably get their answering machine...but, your voice reminds them that they are not alone in this time of grief.

if you need an address - please feel free to email me and i will get their information to you.

also, danae gee, is handling meals right now.  if you would like to have a meal sent out, or would like to bring one yourself...you can contact danae at -  geedanae@gmail.com.

thank you for being His hands and feet,

Tuesday, 2 March 2010


it is with an extremely heavy and broken heart
that i begin this entry...

sunday morning, matt and heather took bailey in to the hospital.
she had a lot of congestion and was having
a difficult time breathing.

the doctors diagnosed her with pneumonia.
they kept her overnight and started her on oxygen
and breathing treatments.
she was able to go home monday afternoon.

bailey's sweet little body has not been able
to rally through this one.

the doctors have told matt and heather
that she has days, not weeks left to be with them.

they have called hospice in to help with bailey's medications.
she is still on oxygen at home.
matt and heather are asking that we pray for bailey
to remain comfortable and pain free in these last days.
also, please keep their other children in your prayers
as they struggle to understand.
matt and heather,
we are broken for you.
we love you
and are sitting shiva with you.